Public Education & Outreach

Be Stormwater Smart Posters 

To promote stormwater management awareness,Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority welcomes you to use these posters in your municipal, community, or educational buildings. 

Your Stormwater Fee at Work

Filmed on location (Sand St., Plains Twp.) in August 2021, this video captures team members clearing and cleaning a pollutant-packed catch basin. Projects such as this are essential components of effective stormwater management programs.  

Report Illicit Discharges...The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines an illicit discharge as "any discharge into a storm drain system that is not composed entirely of stormwater."  Please be cautious about what washes off your property and notify your local municipal office if you detect illicit discharges in your area. 

Stormwater Runoff Challenge Activity

To test your knowledge of stormwater pollution, we welcome you to take this Stormwater Runoff Challenge. This is an easy, informative learning tool for students, homeowners, and just about everyone!

For TEACHERS and STUDENTS: "The Surprising Story of Stormwater" Presentation

"The Surprising Story of Stormwater" presentation provides teachers and young students with an insightful, picturesque overview of stormwater and its impact on our environment. Explanatory slide content is also available here.