Sanitary Sewer Billing

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Understanding Your Bill


Payment Due Dates 2023 
(Sanitary and or Stormwater)
Residential Accounts (August 30, 2023)
Commercial Accounts (September 5, 2023)
Residential Accounts

Residents receive a bill for three months sanitary sewage treatment from the WVSA. You will receive four billings annually, one for each quarterly amount due. Bills are due and payable on or before the indicated due date for the billing quarter. WVSA provides an annual payment option in which customers can save 2%. Customers can pay for the year if payment is made by the first quarter due date.

Commercial & Industrial Accounts

Commercial and industrial accounts are billed on meter readings supplied by your local water company. Bills are based on the preceding quarter's gallonage as determined by your local water company (or owner's) water meter readings. If current meter readings are not available at the time of billing, an estimated amount may be calculated based on previous usage. If needed, the subsequent payment due may be adjusted based on the next available meter reading.

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Stormwater Fee

Effective first quarter of 2019, all property owners will be charged a fee for stormwater management. A tiered rate based on impervious surface (surfaces that produce stormwater runoff) is used to calculate the fee. The stormwater fee will appear on your sanitary bill. If you do not receive a sanitary bill from WVSA, you will begin receiving a bill for stormwater. More information on stormwater billing can be found here.

Sanitary Rates & Penalties

Delinquent Accounts

Our Customer Service team manages delinquent accounts through billing and payment arrangements. Delinquent accounts reaching a certain threshold will receive a Lien Letter Notice. The lien letter schedule runs November through February. (Effective Oct. 15, 2019, WVSA will add a $20 processing fee to each account on which a property lien has been filed).

Water Termination

Delinquent accounts reaching a certain threshold will receive a Water Termination letter. The water termination schedule runs March through October.

Need to make payment arrangements?

Please contact Customer Service at 570-820-(WVSA) 9872.