What is a WVSA sanitary fee and why do I have to pay one?

WVSA provides efficient, cost-effective sewage treatment services to more than 172,000 customers. The owner of each residential and non-residential (commercial) EDU(Equivalent Dwelling Unit)  is required to pay a minimum yearly amount for sewage treatment service actually used, or capable of being used by a WVSA customer for each EDU. An EDU takes many forms, but typically has its own toilet, sink, and or other utility receptacles. 

Non-residential customers are required to pay the existing minimum yearly fee per EDU as is paid by all residential customers. Once the non-residential customer exceeds an average of 12,000 gallons per quarter for all EDUs, they are billed in accordance with the existing WVSA meter rate schedule. By using this billing method, all customers share an equal, minimal burden for reaping the benefits of yearly sewage service for each EDU.